What is your definition of health?


This is something I’ve talked a lot about with Brendon Rearick. How do we define health? How can we compare health? Do we use the same standards to evaluate everyone? What if I have someone who was just diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis? Can I compare that person to someone else to decide what is healthy?


Different standards


My definition of healthy for myself is totally different than how I would define health for my best friend, or my sister, or frankly anyone else in the entire world. Every person has different goals, different levels of activity, different symptoms, different bodies, with different histories, it would be absolutely crazy to hold everyone to the same standards.


How do you separate standards?


Whether your goal is to run a marathon or walk up a flight of stairs without holding on to the railing, your goal is important. Where you want to end up is important. But, before you get to those goals you have to start somewhere. If you’re bedridden we have to get you feeling well enough to get you out of bed. Then we have to get you moving without crashing and we build you up from there.


Let’s define what health means to you.


Whether you’re five years in to your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diagnosis, two months in to a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, have felt tired for a couple months with no diagnosis, or you’re just trying to feel generally more energized, you can be healthy. You can feel better. Playing professional sports does not make you healthy, climbing Everest does not make you healthy, doing what makes you happy and accomplishing your goals for life is what makes you healthy. Let’s find out what health means to you, click here or post a comment below.


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