When you take a shower the room fills up with steam. If you don’t take the precaution of turning on the fan then the humidity can lead to issues like mold.

Let’s say you don’t turn on the fan. Instead, you clean the mold once it builds up and then you cycle through it all over again. Clean the mold, mold builds up, clean the mold, mold builds up. It’s a never ending cycle. So, if you have the option, doesn’t it make more sense to just turn the fan on and prevent the buildup of mold in the first place?

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is your immune system’s response to some kind of stress. I really dislike that word because it’s so ambiguous, but ambiguity is okay right now. Inflammation is a normal and healthy response, with the exception of autoimmunities. If your immune system isn’t attacking itself, your body wants to have inflammation in order to heal. So when you look at people who have tons of inflammation and are stressed out, their body is trying to heal itself. Maybe it’s lack of sleep, poor diet, work stress, family stress, sedentary lifestyle, dehydration, whatever it may be, the point of the inflammation is to heal your body because you’re actually just damaging it. So when you take pills and herbs and do detox cleanses to reduce the inflammation you’re actually targeting the wrong thing.

Stop trying to reduce your inflammation.

Reduce the cause of your inflammation. This is super important in shaping our scope and the way we live. Maybe some of the supplements or diets or whatever work on reducing inflammation because they are targeting the source of the inflammation. This is a really important distinction to make. The reason it’s so important is because if we wait to do “cleanses” when we’re really inflamed we just constantly go back and forth between chronic stress and overload then do a “cleanse” and feel better and repeat the cycle. Your body is telling you to slow down, to make changes, that’s what the overload of inflammation is telling you… it’s telling you that you need to change.  If we target the source of the inflammation we can actually make long lasting changes. This is where we see the long term health and behavior changes that are important for feeling good.

Cover your bases.

If you have symptoms of chronic inflammation make sure you consult a doctor as well. You can make lifestyle changes and fix sleep hygiene and diet etc., but if you have an underlying infection or condition like SIBO that goes untreated then your body will not reduce any inflammation. In fact that inflammation is the body’s way of signaling that there is a bigger issue that still needs to be addressed.

How can people with autoimmunities use this mindset?

When you have an autoimmunity sometimes you do need to target the inflammation with immunosuppressant drugs. For a simple explanation, the body has lost the ability to regulate the immune response and now it has unmanageable and harmful inflammation. So how can you help these people? You can still try and target other sources of inflammation. If you’re suffering from an autoimmunity or frankly any kind of infection then reducing other sources of inflammation is a great way to let overall stress on your body be reduced and hopefully some normal function can return. We know inflammation and stress can be a trigger for flare ups so make sure you’re fixing the source of the inflammation in order to keep the symptoms and hopefully some of the flare ups at bay.

So, if you haven’t picked up on this by now I’m not really talking about mold in the beginning. I’m talking about inflammation. Instead of cycling through detoxes and juice cleanses to eliminate toxins and reduce inflammation etc. why don’t you just eliminate as much as the source as possible?

Stop trying to heal your inflammation. Heal your body so it doesn’t need so much inflammation. Turn on your fan.